Poster: We do not scruff cats


This A4 poster is part of International Cat Care’s ‘scruff-free’ campaign.

This campaign is focused on avoiding the routine use of scruffing as a means of restraining a cat, which unfortunately is still practised all too frequently. Our campaign refers specifically to the routine use of scruffing when handling cats. There may be exceptional circumstances in which there is a real and imminent risk of injury to a person where very brief heavy restraint, such as scruffing, may be necessary. However, these occasions should be rare and exceptional, never ever routine.

We are encouraging veterinary professionals and all those who work with cats to improve the welfare of the cats in their care by pledging not to use scruffing routinely. Once staff have pledged, they can download or order our ‘scruff-free’ poster to show clients that staff handle cats gently and with respect.

Pledge to go ‘scruff-free’ – click here.

This is a free poster from International Cat Care, although postage will need to be paid.

Alternatively, download a copy.

Product details
Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm